We offer volume discounts so that establishments can train all of their team members at the lowest possible prices. You are encouraged to take advantage of the discounts by purchasing enough courses to get you through an entire year.

The Responsible Vendor Alcohol New Hire Course is required for all Food & Beverage Front of the House staff in order to be compliant with the Florida Responsible Vendor Act. Even non serving staff in the front of the house should complete the New Hire Course. The certificate attained by completing the new hire course does not expire for Florida attendees since they must also participate in update courses every 4 months.

The Responsible Vendor Alcohol Tri-Annual Update Course is required for every server, bartender, ID checker and their managers every 4 months. The update course is also highly recommended for non serving front of the house staff but is not required like the New Hire Course.

The Food Handler Course is a requirement that must be met by every non managerial Food & Beverage front and back of the house employee in Florida within 60 days of hire. The certification card attained at the completion of the course is valid for three years.

Managers are required to have Food Manager Certification which is not yet included here online but we do have live classroom style food manager sessions....call us to register!

Take into consideration your expected turnover and the new associates hired to replace them who will require the respective courses ….both employees and managers.

The more courses you buy the bigger the discount!

If you are purchasing multiple courses, call us at 305.628.2428 or 1.800.329.7081 or email us at lchadroff@theresponsiblevendors.com with the number of courses you require and we'll quote you the discounted rates!

Hotels should also purchase responsible vendor alcohol new hire courses for security, concierge, bellstaff and front desk who provide access to alcohol by providing a mini bar key.

We are adding more courses all the time. Check back with us or call or email us if there is a course you are looking for that you don't see listed in the store...it may be in development!

Visit our website at www.theresponsiblevendors.com for more information about us and how we can combine live training with online courses to meet your training needs.

Thank you for your business!

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