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Take The Responsible Vendor Alcohol Tri-Annual Update: The Habitual Drunkard Course on your smartphone or tablet, laptop or desktop. It only takes about a half hour to complete but bookmark the page if you can't finish it in one sitting! Your certificate will be emailed to you upon completion. The Responsible Vendor Alcohol Tri-Annual Update: The Habitual Drunkard Course satisfies the mandatory attendance in Florida for a tri-annual update which must be fulfilled every 4 months in order to comply with the Responsible Vendor Program. Every front of the house Food & Beverage Manager, server, bartender, ID checker, cashier, concession stand attendant and anybody else who handles alcoholic beverages must complete a tri-annual update course every 4 months after having completed the Responsible Vendor Alcohol New Hire Course within 30 days of hire/managers within 15 days.  The Responsible Vendor Alcohol Tri-Annual Update: The Habitual Drunkard Course emphasizes the subject of serving an alcoholic in Florida while also reviewing other alcohol service policies.  In order to complete the course, the learner must read every screen in it's entirety and answer all of the quiz questions.  Updates expire after 4 months at which time attendance is due again. Any one of the Responsible Vendor Alcohol Tri-annual update courses listed in our online store will suffice for update credit. We encourage you to try a different one next time! Attendees and their managers are urged to pay close attention and re-enroll in their next update prior to the expiration date on the awarded certificate.    Most learners will complete the course in 30 minutes or less however, if you wish to exit the course and save your place to finish it later you may use the bookmarking feature. Bookmarking is a feature that asks if you wish to resume where you left off the last time you were in the Course. Not all browsers support it such as Internet Explorer and Edge. We encourage you to try another browser such as Google Chrome or Safari.    Users taking the course on a smart phone are advised to take it in landscape (horizontally) and be prepared to change the view to portrait (vertical) if the arrows disappear or the navigation bar is in the way or the course is not fitting the screen. Switch back to landscape and it should have corrected itself.   If you can't get rid of the navigation bar in your settings (android users), or the screen is too small, we suggest taking the course on a larger device.  The best way to proceed through the course on a mobile device can depend on the browser you're using. You may have the option of swiping or using the navigation arrows or even tapping the screen.  Attendees are urged to forward to or print for management the Certificate attained at the completion of the course. Welcome...enjoy the course and we'll see you back in 4 months! Read More

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